Lanum Farms



My sister Pam and I were were raised in Worthington, Ohio. Helping tend our Mom’s back yard garden is a childhood pastime and it left an everlasting impression on me.

Anything that wasn’t grown in our back yard we ventured out to find the farms in our area. Spring time meant asparagus cutting and pick your own strawberries at Smith Farms. In late summer, we found the broccoli, corn, and the Waldo, Ohio blueberry harvests! And the best peaches were in Utica at Branstool Orchards – a long and worthwhile treck. Fall apple picking at Lynn Fruit Farm resulted in homemade pies, applesauce, cider, and apple butter made it into our family larder.

Pam pursued a business career, but after marrying her husband, Jeff, 30 years ago, she became the farmer’s wife. Jeff is a agriculture graduate of the Ohio State University. He started acquiring acreage right out of high school; he knew he was going to farm. Together they farm 98.5 acres.

Pam starts all her own seeds using old fashioned seed saving techniques of farmers of old. As well as crops, the Farm also has many hens and ducks, 50-60 lambs and sheep, a ram or two, and 12-15 bee hives. There’s also an orchard in the making.

For extending crop production all year long, Pam and Jeff use high tunnels. While not certified organic, they favor the traditions of old and proceed accordingly.

Lanum Farms supply the Clintonville Community Market in Columbus and is a regular at the Delaware Farmer’s Market and sells to several small artisan restaurants.