About faire la cuisine

Chef Susan Kaiser photo © 2012 Nate Kaiser

In 1990, chef Susan Kaiser started faire la cuisine in response to the demand for creative, wholesome foods with a special emphasis on presentation. The words “faire la cuisine” are French, meaning “to do the cooking,” and reflect both Susan’s French training and her attention to handmade quality in every detail.

Susan attended a Master Chef Catering Program in London at the Le Cordon Bleu and received a Cesar Ritz Diploma from Ritz-Escoffier Ecole de Gastronomie Francaise in Paris. She has also been an instructor at cooking conferences such as the The Fire Within, a mobile wood-fired oven conference in Boulder, Colorado.

Susan’s interest in wholesome food began as a child growing up in Worthington, Ohio. She and her sister Pam tended their own backyard garden and ventured into the nearby countryside for produce they couldn’t grow themselves. Springtime meant trips to cut asparagus at Smith Farm, and fall brought apple-picking adventures at Lynd’s Farm.

Susan has catered events of all kinds and all sizes and welcomes the opportunity to share the joys of good cooking. She is active in many community events, participating in the Great Granville Picnic and donating her services to local schools and nonprofit organizations.

“Food has always created an atmosphere for bringing people together. My passion for food is not really about the food itself, but it comes from the ‘magic’ that happens when family or friends get together to share a great meal. This has become so important to me that I am compelled to share this passion in many ways.”
-Chef Susan Kaiser

When you invite faire la cuisine to be a part of your event, you can be assured you will enjoy a stress-free experience with satisfying results.


Event Planning
From a simple affair for a few close friends to a wedding for 300, we can help you ensure your guests have a positive, memorable experience.

The Studio Kitchen Event Space
Looking for a cozy space to host a shower or small dinner party? Our demonstration kitchen can accommodate 15-50 for events or classes.

Cooking Instruction
Pick up new cooking skills, add new recipes to your collection, or simply enjoy the camaraderie around the stove in one of our cooking workshops.

Wood Fired Events
Our mobile wood-fired oven brings a fun, unique element as the main feature of a graduation or Little League celebration, or as part of a low-key cocktail hour.

Quality First

At faire la cuisine, we are incredibly fussy about quality. faire la cuisine strives to provide quality not only in the finest ingredients but also in the event planning, food preparation, and service.

Healthy Foods

As Susan works with her customers she always tries to incorporate fresh foods into the menu planning. She searches for the freshest items available through all four seasons.
In addition, many clients have special needs requiring sensitivity to special diets, food allergies, religious affiliations, and good health. Susan can accommodate all of these needs while still maintaining bold and creative flavors.

Fresh, Local Cuisine

A central part of Susan’s philosophy is the importance of what Alice Waters calls “simple food,” food that has superior flavor because it was harvested locally and in season. Basing one’s diet, on minimally processed, local ingredients have positive effects on physical health and the health of our planet.

Starting from Scratch

It is no secret that most processed foods are laden with fat, sodium, high-fructose corn syrup, and a myriad of chemicals. Susan takes the extra time to prepare her dishes from scratch, tending to the smallest details. Your guests will taste the difference her commitment makes in her crisp vinaigrettes, robust salsas, and complex stock.

Local Ingredients

Because of her commitment to a healthy lifestyle, Susan also partners with local farmers, cheese makers, bakers and others. Her dishes are often created using heirloom vegetables and local herbs, some from her own garden or her sister Pam Lanum’s farm.

Locally-Sourced Ohio Farms & Artisans

Lanum Farms – Sunbury, Ohio (lamb, cattle and poultry, keep bees, and grow a wide variety of produce. Lanun Farm follows traditional seed saving techniques and organic practices.
Branstool Orchards – Utica
Charlie’s Apples – Newark
Flying J Farm – Johnstown
Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams – Columbus
Osage Lane Creamery – Pataskala
Petali Tea – Granville
River Road Coffee Roasters – Granville
Snowville Creamery – Pomeroy
Sunbeam Family Farm – Alexandria
Sunny Meadows Flower Farm – Columbus

We appreciate the opportunity to be part of your special event and help you have fun with food!

faire la cuisine is a member of:
•    Granville Chamber of Commerce
•    Slow Food Columbus
•    The Ohio Ecological Food and Farm Association